AI Tech
Talk to Animals

How Are Scientists Using Portable Sensors and Artificial Intelligence to Talk to Animals?

For many years, humans have tried to communicate with animals, whether it's to understand their behaviors or emotions or simply to connect with them.

How will AI change the way we search, for better or worse?


Meta's newest AI fairness benchmark measures even more granular bias markers

AI fairness benchmark

AI Diagnoses Devastating Olive Tree Infection, and Predicting severity can help address deadly effec

AI Diagnoses Devastating Olive Tree

AI is making people think faster, not smarter


Cruise’s robotaxis have driven 1 million miles with nobody

Cruise’s robotaxis

How will using AI tools for Internet searches change humanity’s relationship with machines?

Internet searches

How to remove your personal data from people search sites?

Remove personal data

Why our digital future hinges on identity and rebuilding trust?

Identity and rebuild trust

Energy Tech
CO2 produced
New methods can help reduce the CO2 produced during steelmaking
Tyre Collective
Tyre Collective has developed a device that can combat tyre wear pollution
Position clouds
AI helps position clouds to maximize the use of solar panels
Geothermal energy
Europe plans to replace natural gas with geothermal energy
First responders
86% of first responders want modernized reporting technology
Low-cost purification
New technology could help capture carbon dioxide for low-cost purification
Hybrid cybersecurity
How is hybrid cybersecurity strengthened by AI, machine learning, and human intelligence?
Turbulent's Hydroelectric Turbines
Turbulent's Hydroelectric Turbines: Revolutionizing Hydro Power in Developing Countries
Health Tech
Heart scans

A wearable ultrasound patch could offer real-time heart scans on the go

Wearable technology has become increasingly popular in recent years, providing people with new ways to monitor their health and wellbeing.

Connected Care is Coming: A Look at the Advancement of Medical IoT


How to use technology for more efficient transitions of care and a better patient experience?

Technology for patient experience

Community Pharmacies

Community Pharmacies Tap Digital Techs to Improve Patient Access

Community pharmacies have long been a crucial part of the healthcare system, providing patients with essential medications and other healthcare services.

Columbia researchers bioprint seamless 3D skin grafts for burn patients

3D skin

Tiny electronic biorobots use LEDs and muscle tissue for real-time remote control

Tiny electronic biorobots remote control

Customer-driven product development is the next era of collaborative automation.

Collaborative automation

Nearly 50% of phishing attacks in 2021 aimed at government employees were attempted credential theft

Credential theft

How to Create a Strong Password?

Strong Password
Robots Tech
AmphiSAW robot

AmphiSAW robot

U-Safe self-propelled buoy

The U-Safe self-propelled buoy

Collaborative robotics

The development of collaborative robotics in Italy


Demographic change is driving the adoption of COBOTs in Japan